Dal Pithi

Posted: March 9, 2011 by incidentalcooksuman in Indian Food
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Dal pithi is a dish from Bihari cuisine and it is a fresh pasta cooked in legumes. Dal means legumes and pithi means dumplings made out of whole wheat flour. Typically dal pithi is served with chokha which is mashed potatoes fried with some onions, green chillies and pickle masala. This combo is the best comfort food to put together.

I remember when mom used to fall sick, dad would enter the kitchen and for dinner we used to have this almost everyday till mom feels better. This is only dish dad knows how to cook and feed us. And we used to enjoy making the dumplings with him in different shapes and sizes. His dumplings were always used to be big and we used to say dad make it little bit smaller and he will say oh this will taste better when it cooks..:)

We made this over the weekend when I was down with flu. Also, my 2 year old son helped us to make the dumplings. He was so engrossed in making the dumplings and making sure mom and dad gets each one of them made by him. With his cute voice he says momma here’s ATTA (hindi for flour) …

Dal Pithi

Dal Pithi


  • 1/4 cup orange lentils/masoor dal
  • 1/4 cup yellow lentils/arhar dal
  • 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • salt to taste
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • 2 red dried whole chilli 
Wheat flour dumplings/Pithi

Wheat flour dumplings/Pithi


  • Wash and pressure cook dal with turmeric powder, salt to taste and 2 cups of water.
  • Meanwhile, add water slowly to the wheat flour until the dough starts to come together. Knead the dough until soft but not sticky.Divide the dough into 15 equal parts.
  • Take one of the ball, roll it into small circle about 2-3 inch in diameter. keep flouring the dough. Now join two ends together and other ends together as shown above (you can make it in any shape you like).
  • Repeat to complete the rest of the dough.
  • Open the pressure cooker, add 1 cup of water, must be sufficient to cook the dumplings. Give a boil.
  • Once the dal starts boiling, add the dumplings and cover the lid and cook by stirring once in a while.
  • Cook until the dumplings are soft and tender about 15-20 minutes.
  • For tampering: On medium heat add oil in a pan, then add cumin seeds followed by red chilli and wait until it gets brown. Pour this to the dal pithi, be careful while doing this coz it gets splutter when hot oil touches the dal. Give a boil and serve hot .

Serve hot with chokha, pickle and ghee on top. Enjoy!

Dal Pithi

Dal Pithi

  1. Rajiv Singh says:

    guyes this is also called as Daal Ki Dulhan.. 🙂

  2. Rosa says:

    That dish looks really good and comforting! I love this wonderful combination.



  3. Kothiyavunu says:

    Sounds interesting..Never tasted of dal pithi before..now i am curious!!

  4. Shri says:

    Very unique atleast to me..Never heard about it but it looks totally lip smacking!!

  5. Panchpakwan says:

    Looks delicious dal pithi..we too make in simlar way…

  6. Wow! What an interesting dish – Much good comes from blog hopping – I get to see so many approaches to one idea and then so many absolutely creative and new dishes – Lovely post, my dear!

  7. Sounds healthy and yummy though this is new to me…..

  8. Priti says:

    I was just thinking abt this 2 days back ..and here it is …looks so delicious …I just love this one

  9. Joanne says:

    My mom used to make us chicken noodle soup when we were sick and this looks almost like a version of that! So delicious.

  10. sushma says:

    Looks delicious, perfect with rice:)

  11. Abhilash says:

    I have eaten this but never knew it is made this way. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. Vimitha says:

    Loved the formation of the fresh pasta and the dal looks perfect… Would love to have it hot now…

  13. Deepa says:

    I remember once i had this at my bihari Landlord’s place. thanks for sharing this particular recipe

    Hamaree Rasoi

  14. kshipra says:

    A totally new dish for me. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Rachu says:

    Wow.. those are really beautifully shaped perfect wheat pasta… Yumm

  16. rebecca says:

    fun soup and great your little guy was helping 🙂 hope your feeling better 🙂

  17. Simply Life says:

    oh wow! those look SO good!

  18. Priya says:

    Completely new dish for me, definitely a healthy dal pithi..

  19. Reshmi says:

    Very new to me and looks delicious…

  20. Healthy dal recipe,dumplings looks great dear,bookmaking this one,sounds interesting.

  21. I wasn’t familiar with this dish but it looks delicious! And it’s so great that you’re teaching your son to be comfortable with cooking! Bravo 🙂

  22. incidentalcooksuman says:

    Thanks Aipi, Great to know that you are from Bihar…my hometown is Chhapra.

  23. Yummy Team says:

    Never heard of dal pithi before, looks very tasty! Great recipe!

  24. Swathi says:

    Dal pithi looks delicious, traditional dishes are always great, it is perfected by moms and grandmas.

  25. aipi says:

    Wow..dal pithi!! Your post made me all nostalgic..I remember mom always used to make this whenever Papa was away on tour or something n we used to devour it..nice post Suman..
    Did I tell you I am from Bihar..more specifically from Jamshedpur..where is your hometown ?

    US Masala

  26. Satya says:

    those dumpling dal looks very delicious…really temptingSuper Yummy Recipes

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