Besan Ladoo

Posted: March 19, 2011 by incidentalcooksuman in Dessert, Indian Food, Sweets/Mithai
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Holi is one of the most popular festival in india. This festival is celebrated at the end of winter season and on the last day of lunar month which usually falls in the later part of February or March. Also, known as Vasant Utsav which literally means Spring festival and we welcome spring here onwards.

This is celebrated by throwing coloured powder and coloured water on each other. Every festival in india is associated with sweets and savory delicacies. I remember mom used to plan days ahead, she will make dishes which she can store and serve on the holi day..she will get up early morning to prepare dishes which will be enjoyed  throughout the day. As soon as, she is done with cooking and clearing up, the guests will start coming to wish happy holi. And the house will be filled with colours, noise, chatting up which I really miss out here.

It used to be fun watching and throwing up water balloons on everyone who goes under our building. On this day nobody can scold you or can stop you doing this, you can get away by saying HOLI HAI!!!. In between doing this fun activities, we pile up ourselves with food every now  and then. In my opinion these festivals are only a way to bring people closer and enjoy their companies. In fact it is also said that if you have enemies this is the best day to patch of things together and move forward.

Apart of so many other delicacies, Ladoo is the most important sweet to be prepared on festivals. Ladoo or Laddu is sweet, rich dessert which is part of south asian cuisine.  It is normally prepared on festivals or given as prasad  at temples. It is usually made with flour and sugar which is binded together to form small golf sized balls. There are lots of varieties of ladoo like besan ladoo(made from gram flour), suji ladoo (made from semolina), bundi ladoo, motichor ladoo and so on.

Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo


  • 1 1/2 cup gram flour(besan)
  • 2 tablespoon semolina flour(sooji)
  • 1 stick unsalted butter, melted
  • 3/4 cups sugar
  • 4 tablespoon chopped almonds
  • 1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground cardamom seeds
  • chopped pistachios for garnish


  • Mix gram flour, sooji and melted butter in a large skillet.
  • Roast the above mixture on medium heat until light golden brown in color or until you smell the roasted flour. Keep stirring the mixture so that it does not burn.This will take about 7-10 minutes depending upon the heat.
  • Remove the skillet from the stove and let the mixture cool down a bit but still warm to touch.
  • To this warm mixture, add sugar, chopped almonds and cardamom seeds.
  • To make ladoos, take a spoonful of mixture in your hand about the size of a lemon and roll in between your palms to form a smooth and round balls.
  • Keep the ladoos on a plate and garnish with pistachios on top which will stick to ladoos.
  • Cool the ladoo to serve. This can also be stored in air-tight container for 2-3 weeks.


Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo


Wish you all a very Happy Holi…Enjoy!

  1. Happy holi to you and your family!
    This treat looks and sounds hard to resist!

  2. usha says:

    Yummy ladoo! Look perfect!

  3. Suja Sugathan says:

    This ladoo is my favorite,makes me drool

  4. sonia says:

    The besan ladoos are looking too gud and inviting. Great idea to make them on the eve of holi, will surely try this recipe… !

  5. Sunitha says:

    Happy Holi Suman. Lovely ladoos.. they have come out so well.

  6. Panchpakwan says:

    Happy holi to you dear..Besan ladoo loos irresitable.

  7. Mary says:

    I did not have the good fortune to taste this while we were in India. It looks wonderful and I’ll wager it is delicious. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  8. Now i’m craving for ladoos, its my weak point! ha ha Happy Holi Suman, hope you had a great time 🙂

  9. aipi says:

    This is a family favorite even in my extended family. You made them perfectly round..they look delicious n very festive..

    US Masala

  10. Sarah Naveen says:

    wow!!! wow!!! wow!!! so perfect n yumm!!

  11. Hope u and ur family had a lovely holi celebrations…those ladoo looks delicious and loved the chopped nuts on top perfect for the festive season:)

  12. Abhilash says:

    It has been long since I saw the besan ke laddoo… happy holi

  13. Joanne says:

    Alright I am TOTALLY making these for my Indian roommate and impressing her with my Indian dessert making skills! Delicious.

  14. nice write up and the ladoos look gooood ! sending across festive cheers !

  15. Rosa says:

    Happy Holi!

    That is one divine treat! So wonderful.



  16. Urmi says:

    Besan laddoo looks delicious, yummy and tempting.
    Wish you & your family a very Happy Holi.

  17. Simply Life says:

    Yay! I was able to be in India during Holi 2 years ago and it was an AMAZING experience!!! So fun!

  18. Nithu says:

    Absolutely delicious and yummy. Love to have a bite.

  19. Joyti says:

    Since I grew up in the U.S., I’ve never had a proper Holi, I’ve only seen the celebrations in the movies. It sounds like so much fun.
    And the ladoos look very delicious.

  20. Priya says:

    Woww besan laddoos looks soo cute and inviting..feel like gobbing some..Happy holi wishes to u and ur family Suman..

  21. Harika says:

    Looks yummy want to grab them right now. I love them very much.

  22. Swathi says:

    Besan ladoo looks delicious Suman, my sister in law is expert in making them. Happy holi you and your family.

  23. Vimitha says:

    That ladoos look so delish and perfect… Happy holi to u too

  24. Priti says:

    Gosh Suman this is so tempting ….can’t take my eye off …Wish you Happy Holi

  25. kshipra says:

    Happy Holi Suman and what a way to celebrate holi by making ladoos. They look mouthwatering, my fav sweet.

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