This blog is my diary for my cooking which I would say is predominantly Indian.

Why “Incidental”?…coz my cooking is influenced by my life, my acquaintances, my observations. Even when I am cooking Italian or Asian dishes, my Indian roots influence the palette, deliberately or unknowingly.

I have came in contact with so many Indian sub-cultures, it enriches me as an Indian. Indian Cooking is a big melting pot of influences.

Proud to be an Indian…“Jai Hind”

  1. Anisha says:

    you have some very good recipes and would love to try some soon. Only one thing, find it difficult to navigate and search for recipes. for example , tried to look up chicken curry, could not find it under curries or chicken. Anisha

  2. kathrinjapan says:

    Not sure how to get on your subscription.

  3. incidentalcooksuman says:

    @rasi’s veg bites:
    You can follow me by subscribing the RSS feed of my blog.

  4. how to follow your blog…your blog looks good one..

  5. incidentalcooksuman says:

    @Priya..You can follow me by subscribing the RSS feed of my blog.

  6. How does one follow you dear?

  7. Raksha Kamat says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    U have a wonderful space here.

  8. Lisa says:

    Please email me asap if you would like to participate in my Indian food feature. I’d love to feature your samosa and mango lasi or other dish you prefer. I’ll be posting next week so please let me know. Thanks! koreanamericanmommy@gmail.com

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